That Assiniboia and area might enjoy the highest possible level of Safety.

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Hazardous Waste Collection List: Store these items, collection is mid-June every year.

The following consumer/household hazardous waste products will be accepted:

  • Adhesives - contact cement, caulking, sealer, carpet and linoleum adhesives, glue

  • Aerosols - hair spray, insect repellant, lubricant spray, furniture cleaner

  • Aerosols - hair spray, insect repellant, lubricant spray, furniture cleaner

  •  Automotive - used engine oil, used engine oil filters, antifreeze, batteries, carburetor cleaners,
    oil fuel, windshield cleaner

  • Batteries - automotive, cellphone, dry-cell, NiCad, lithium, alkali, lead-acid 
  • Cleaners - oven cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, spot remover, disinfectants, car wax
  •  Corrosives - drain cleaner, engine degreaser, ammonia, battery acid, sulfuric acid
  • Fuels - gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lamp oil, oil/gas mixture
  • Mercury - mercury, thermometers, thermostats, fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lights

  • Oxidizers - chlorine, bleach, pool chemicals, fertilizers, hydrogen peroxide, septic tank chemicals
  • Poisons - lawn herbicides, garden chemicals, rat poison, gopher killer, insecticides 
  • Pharmaceuticals - old prescription drugs, medicines (no sharps or biological waste)
  • Propane Cylinders - barbeque cylinders, camp cylinders
  • Solvents - paint thinner, acetone, varsol, alcohol, benzene, xylene, naphtha

Excluded Products:   Waste products already covered by existing product stewardship programs are excluded:

  • paint (household paint can be taken to Sarcan)

  • electronics (computer monitors & televisions can be taken to Sarcan)

  • used oil, oil filter & containers

  • tires


Other hazardous waste products that are excluded from the Event:

  • biological
  • infectious
  • radioactive
  • explosive
  • ammunition
  • industrial waste



Assiniboia: A Designated Safe Community by Safe Communities Canada October 2010